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Struts 2: Design and Programming Budi Kurniawan

Struts 2: Design and Programming

Budi Kurniawan

Published September 30th 2009
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 About the Book 

Struts is the most popular framework for building scalable Java web applications, and version 2 is not simply an extension to Struts 1. It is a new architecture elegantly designed to support easy or zero configuration, modular extension through interceptors, and code distribution via plug-ins. Interceptors solves common problems in web development by enabling type conversion, input validation, file upload and programmable file download, internationalization, and others. Plug-ins are in abundance and available for incorporating Tiles, JFreeChart, AJAX components, and other software into applications.This book is a tutorial designed to make the reader truly understand the concepts. It explains not only how to use Struts features, but also how certain features work under the hood. Examples are relevant and based on real-world applications. Several important topics rarely mentioned in other books--such as file upload, long-processing task handling, and profiling--are given detailed treatment.Table of Contentsandandandand andandandandandIntroduction1.andandandModel 2 Applications2.andandandStarting with Struts3.andandandActions and Results4.andandandOGNL5.andandandForm Tags6.andandandGeneric Tags7.andandandType Conversion8.andandandInput Validation9.andandandMessage Handling and Internationalization10.Model Driven and Prepare Interceptors11.The Persistence Layer12.File Upload13.File Download14.Securing Struts Applications15.Preventing Double Submits16.Debugging and Profiling17.Progress Meters18.Custom Interceptors19.Custom Result Types20.Velocity21.FreeMarker22.XSLT Results23.Plug-ins24.The Tiles Plug-in25.JFreeChart Plug-ins26.Zero Configuration27.AJAXAppendix A Struts Configurationandandandandand Appendix B The JSP Expression Languageandandandandand Appendix C Annotationsandandandand andIndexandandand