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Down Island Mark R Hill

Down Island

Mark R Hill

Published June 21st 2006
ISBN : 9780595827763
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When one of Cassie Spencers high-rolling customers offers to take the waitress sailing in the Caribbean, Cassie figures she has nothing to lose-that is, until a gang of drug pirates attacks the ship and takes Cassie prisoner after slitting her friends throat. Knowing that any mistake will be fatal, Cassie waits for the perfect time to make her escape. She makes a swim for Dead Chest Island, where, days later, she is rescued by brothers Doug and Nate Thompson and taken aboard their sailboat, Payback. But the murderous modern-day pirates discover that Cassie is still alive. Pursued by the smugglers motor trawler, the crew of Payback must survive a dangerous waterspout, sea battles, and romantic entanglements to reach desired safety in Trinidad.