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Shadows of Death Jason N. Wilson

Shadows of Death

Jason N. Wilson

Published March 5th 2010
ISBN : 9781441501721
152 pages
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 About the Book 

Sean Washington was born with a gift: He was born with the ability to see when someone was going die. On July 17th 1990, Sean and his classmates went on a summer trip to New York City where a terrorist left a bomb on the subway killing 697 people. Sean and his classmates were to board that train. Sean did not however and he managed to save his best friend, Reginald Cain. Unfortunately, Reginald was the only person he managed to save out of his entire class, that fateful day would change Sean’s life forever. Now Sean is a homicide detective struggling with the same abilities that he’s had all of his life. To make matters even more difficult, Sean is now faced with a brutal serial killer who knows that Sean has been assigned to investigate his murders. The mysterious, elusive, and intelligent killer is always one step ahead of Sean and has threatened to kill the ones closest to him unless he decides to back down. Will Sean find the killer or will he succumb to his shadows of death?