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Diana of Dobsons Cicely Hamilton

Diana of Dobsons

Cicely Hamilton

Published March 17th 2003
ISBN : 9781551113425
206 pages
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 About the Book 

Very successful when first performed in London in 1908, Diana of Dobsons introduces its audience to the overworked and underpaid female assistants at Dobsons Drapery Emporium, whose only alternative to their dead-end jobs is the unlikely prospect of marriage. Although Cicely Hamilton calls the play a romantic comedy, like George Bernard Shaw she also criticizes a social structure in which so-called self-made men profit from the cheap labour of others, and men with good educations, but insufficient inherited money, look for wealthy wives rather than for work.This Broadview edition also includes excerpts from Hamiltons autobiography Life Errant (1935) and Marriage as a Trade (1909), her witty polemic on the woman question- historical documents illustrating employment options for women and womens work in the theatre- and reviews of the original production of the play.